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Bollard Posts

Heavy Duty Services is a distributor for Ideal Shield products. We sell and install bollard posts and sleeves, guardrail systems, handrail systems, and goal posts for the interior and exterior of warehouses and commercial facilities. We work with our customers to help plan the best way to protect their facility and keep it safe from damage from vehicles and equipment. These products can pay for themselves quickly by drastically reducing damage to walls and doorways. The products we sell also look clean and professional for many years of abuse. We offer products that are wrapped in a plastic sleeve so that they never need to be painted. Also we have decorative bollard sleeves, so your outside bollards can actually enhance the look of your property instead of becoming an eye sore.

Does your company perform their own maintenance? You can order directly from us and we will have the product shipped to you. We also offer contractor pricing. Please contact us for any questions that you might have.