Your One Resource Since 2001

Heavy Duty Services was founded by Robert “Scott” Buckley III in January 2001. Scott has been in the construction and maintenance business since he was a child. His father founded Buckley Construction in 1973, in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, and Scott worked in almost every aspect of his father’s company: operating equipment, welding, performing maintenance and repairs on various types of equipment and structures, as long as he can remember.

Forklift and Pallet Jack

It is this background and experience that makes our company different that most other companies. We can show up at a customer’s location and repair a forklift, weld a dock leveler, reset a damaged door, and install a section of guardrail all on one service call. This eliminates a customer from having numerous vendors, saves on travel and related charges, and allows Heavy Duty Services to build an even stronger relationship with the customer.

We are experts at every scope of service that we provide, not a jack-of-all-trades. We pride ourselves on earning and keeping a customer for a very long time. If we are asked about a particular job that is not in our scope of expertise, we will not offer our services for that job, but we will try to recommend a company that is capable of perming the task at the same level of expertise that we hold ourselves. We try to think of the companies that we conduct business with as partners, not as just another customer.

Scott has made a promise to his company that he will always stay directly involved with every aspect of his company, so that he knows without a doubt that his customers will be given the same quality of service that he has prided himself on providing since the day he opened his doors in 2001.