Services Warehouse Maintenance

Heavy Duty Services specializes in many areas of commercial and industrial warehouse maintenance and repair. We currently have regular customers in the food service, packaging supply, automotive, and general warehousing industries. We also do work for the U.S. government, following guidelines set by the Department of Homeland Security. Some of these items include: Dock doors, dock levelers, dock shelters, bollard posts, guard rails, hand rails, concrete floors, pallet racks, battery charging rooms, conveyors, food processing equipment, coolers, ramps, cages, pumps, etc.. We can set your facility up on a preventative maintenance schedule to keep all areas of your facility operating safely and efficiently.

Warehouse Maintenance

We can also help you prepare for an in house or third party inspection. We specialize in the food service warehouse industry, and have experience in codes and requirements of organizations such as U.S.D.A., A.I.B., Steritech, and O.S.H.A. Please contact us for any interest you might have for our services. We have many years of experience in our scope of work and also offer new products and services to better serve our customers.